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Tunes, talk and rock

I’ve lately been listening to the newest TCD’s that have come out and wondering where our music scene is going. Don’t worry, there are no alarm bells going off in my head or that the best is behind us. To the contrary I think Family music is at a very progressive and organic stage right now but I like to periodically give it some thought and introspection so I thought I’d weigh in on these two discs and see how it goes from here. I know people these days just load the songs they like on their MP3 or ipod but I like to listen to them strait through the first few times to get the full dose before adding the ones I like to my computer play list that I run during my layout and office work for my home.
 Kicking Up A Storm – There are some good songs on this album but I can’t put my finger on a real winner or “hit single” so to speak that will make this album memorable once it is no longer the “new CD”. Like TCD’s are this is a smorgasbord of musical styles, singers and topics that make this fully representative of Family alternative music. You might not like it all but for sure someone else will. Where else in the world is there so much musical freedom of expression?
Starting off the CD with a punk rock song (one of three) sends a reminder that this is clearly produced with a teen/youth audience in mind. The CD is real chock full of good stuff. Godfrey puts in some good numbers (5 in all) of which my personal favorite is I Will. My Cry and You And Me Know sound so much a like that they kind of cancel each other’s impact out a bit as you keep asking yourself “didn’t I just hear this song?” 
Vas does a very good rendition of Michael Piano’s Unsung Hero and provides the musical anchor to this CD that is otherwise swaying with more alternative and experimental sounds. That song, back to back with I Have To Let You Go provide a few minuets of reflection and to regroup your musical enthusiasm before an all out onslaught with No Limits (is this the beginnings to a new break-out artist for Steven McNair?), The Warpath and a perfect conclusion song with Cry Of Liberty.

Alternative Man – This was billed as a witnessing song album and for the most part it is just that but again it seems to lack an instant winner and would be interesting to see how these are able to be used in real-life guitar witnessing settings. I guess as we all get back to the basics of this and hit the summer we will have to see how they get time-tested. There is no real Sea Wash Over Me or song that feels born in the trenches of witnessing and broken heart for the lost and that I think is a point for reflection. It is interesting to hear Ambassador and He’s Coming Again as it is a real throw-back for me as his recording of those songs ( David and MaryHeart) were part of the “underground music” along with The Bible album when I was a JETT in ’91 being passed around and “smuggled” on a labled copy of Come Fly With Me or other DTD cassette tapes they could be rerecorded on as it was not on the approved music list which at the time amonted to scripture book tapes etc. It’s nice to see he finally got them approved and that they get a wider audience despite one of the duo “German Angels” as we used to call them now being fallen. Maryheart’s voice added a very beautiful addition that is somewhat lacking this time around but I’m just glade they’ve been rerecorded at all after all this time.   

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  1. Serena
    June 14, 2006 at 6:57 am

    for everyone in our home here the hit single is for sure “Resolution”
    but then we also like Nikis song, Chryssies and of course B.O.B

  2. Nyx
    June 26, 2006 at 1:16 am

    “Never Too Late” on Alternative Man, sung by my Ugandan friend Barbra. GO RADIOACTIVE, YEAH!!!!!!

  3. Neo
    June 14, 2007 at 3:52 pm

    My faves are:

    I Will
    Kicking Up A Storm
    No Limits
    The Warpath

    The Thing You’re Looking For
    Oh Pharise
    At The End Of The Day

  4. Esther
    May 1, 2008 at 2:21 pm

    I found this album in a random download and I’m intrested in getting the real thing and finding out more about the band. However this is the ONLY reference I’ve found to the album.

    Who made these songs? And what country are they in? And do they have other stuff?

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