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What goes around, comes in handy

charm kids - small.jpg

Here is a pic I set up today. The kids found some old tires at the playground and were walking around on them so I thought of a pic. I stood 3 of the tires up, hoisted Mario (8) on the top of the middle one (that is standing on another one laying down) and placed the kids around, I have not worked with so many kids at one time before so it was a bit of a trip keeping the little ones from wondering to the sandbox but we did this in just a few minuets and they were free to go, thankfully for them my camera card was nearly full and I was only able to take a few pics, they are real good about it and enjoy it too to see it afterwards. back in the day when I was still the subject (or one of them) it was a bit of a chore as we never really understood the whole process or what “daddy” was telling us he wanted as we did not see the final result of our (my brothers and I) tortured expressions till weeks or months later when he’d finished the roll and got it developed. It was dusk and I did not use a flash so it kind of has a funny feel to me, almost like a film print.
Yes it is supposed to be summer but you would not know it with all the coats they had to wear going out. We want to go to the lake swimming, barbecues, and back yard water fights but it is still in the low 20’s C at best most of the time and rainy 😦 , guess we can’t have it all and it will come in full swing in it’s good time…eventually.

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