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It’s the music

June 30, 2006 1 comment

I just got a hold of a lot of Family Inde (independent productions as not on TCD’s/ funded studios etc) music MP#’s/ video clips on my trip that I’ve been listening to. It really is incredible what our musicians have come up with. There is a lot of stuff and frankly some of it makes you thankful for the TCD compilers who have to go through it all but there is some really great stuff too that I don’t know why they’ve never been reproduced for a larger audience that do not know were the downloading sites are. One that comes to mind is “NEVER” by David (The Glitch) I’ve heard it before and saw it was performed at EuRock ’05 but it really is a heavy song. That song would make a great anthem for the tribulation for all Christians the world over who will suffer persecution or go to the lions or other martyrdom knowing that their spirits will never be squelched. Another stand-out in this pile of tracks I got is WHY YOU HATE ME (Salt of the Earth) maybe it is just because I just came back from a PR seminar but it is really great words and a hell breaking beat. The main reason we get persecution is not so much for our beliefs as it is that we are drop-outs and show others that it is possible to not be a part of the matrix system grind others are duped to believe is the only way. Jesus’ only message was love and get he got it and even got killed, because he showed there was another way then the mainstream. I think this will be my theme song for the up coming rock concert I’ll be going to attend to reach the youth and find some other drop-outs even if it is WHY YOU HATE ME, I hope to be able to stand strong and even to my last breath be able to shout NEVER! 

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June 26, 2006 Leave a comment

Well I’m off for the week at a seminar on the seaside so I’ll be posting pics and things when I get back later this weekend. This wont be a holiday as I’ll be taking loads of work and a comp with me as well as the seminar meetings but we’ll see if we can get in some beach time and take photos too :).

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Off to the lake

June 26, 2006 Leave a comment

Well being summer we went off to the local lake with the kids to cool off some before the new week begins and all. It was an old rock quarry that filled up with ground water and is now part of a lake/restaurant/recreational complex thus the hill of gravel the girls (aliens) are standing on and the cranes in the background in the silhouette pics. It was such a nice sunset that I played around with it first putting the kids in front of it giving a bit of an “Arrival” alien thing as they are wearing swimmers that make it look like a bodysuit (TX Steffi and CC) and then trying to take it point blank on the lake, unfortunately without a filter thus the flares. As usual here are some pictures of the day.


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It’s summer time…

June 22, 2006 Leave a comment

… so I’m sorry that I don’t have as much time to post, I do have some posts in the works but it’s just a real busy time right now and way to nice to be sitting at the comp. I will be posting pics, stories, news etc when i get time so keep checking in on this blog from time to time.

Have yourselves a nice summer too!(or winter if your living in the bottom of the world). Did you see the weather in New Zealand? Guess we had are share of snow and now it is their turn, I don’t want to see that stuff again for at least 6 more months, we’re just happy soaking up the sun.

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Tunes, talk and rock

June 12, 2006 4 comments

I’ve lately been listening to the newest TCD’s that have come out and wondering where our music scene is going. Don’t worry, there are no alarm bells going off in my head or that the best is behind us. To the contrary I think Family music is at a very progressive and organic stage right now but I like to periodically give it some thought and introspection so I thought I’d weigh in on these two discs and see how it goes from here. I know people these days just load the songs they like on their MP3 or ipod but I like to listen to them strait through the first few times to get the full dose before adding the ones I like to my computer play list that I run during my layout and office work for my home.
 Kicking Up A Storm – There are some good songs on this album but I can’t put my finger on a real winner or “hit single” so to speak that will make this album memorable once it is no longer the “new CD”. Like TCD’s are this is a smorgasbord of musical styles, singers and topics that make this fully representative of Family alternative music. You might not like it all but for sure someone else will. Where else in the world is there so much musical freedom of expression?
Starting off the CD with a punk rock song (one of three) sends a reminder that this is clearly produced with a teen/youth audience in mind. The CD is real chock full of good stuff. Godfrey puts in some good numbers (5 in all) of which my personal favorite is I Will. My Cry and You And Me Know sound so much a like that they kind of cancel each other’s impact out a bit as you keep asking yourself “didn’t I just hear this song?” 
Vas does a very good rendition of Michael Piano’s Unsung Hero and provides the musical anchor to this CD that is otherwise swaying with more alternative and experimental sounds. That song, back to back with I Have To Let You Go provide a few minuets of reflection and to regroup your musical enthusiasm before an all out onslaught with No Limits (is this the beginnings to a new break-out artist for Steven McNair?), The Warpath and a perfect conclusion song with Cry Of Liberty.

Alternative Man – This was billed as a witnessing song album and for the most part it is just that but again it seems to lack an instant winner and would be interesting to see how these are able to be used in real-life guitar witnessing settings. I guess as we all get back to the basics of this and hit the summer we will have to see how they get time-tested. There is no real Sea Wash Over Me or song that feels born in the trenches of witnessing and broken heart for the lost and that I think is a point for reflection. It is interesting to hear Ambassador and He’s Coming Again as it is a real throw-back for me as his recording of those songs ( David and MaryHeart) were part of the “underground music” along with The Bible album when I was a JETT in ’91 being passed around and “smuggled” on a labled copy of Come Fly With Me or other DTD cassette tapes they could be rerecorded on as it was not on the approved music list which at the time amonted to scripture book tapes etc. It’s nice to see he finally got them approved and that they get a wider audience despite one of the duo “German Angels” as we used to call them now being fallen. Maryheart’s voice added a very beautiful addition that is somewhat lacking this time around but I’m just glade they’ve been rerecorded at all after all this time.   

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What goes around, comes in handy

June 7, 2006 Leave a comment

charm kids - small.jpg

Here is a pic I set up today. The kids found some old tires at the playground and were walking around on them so I thought of a pic. I stood 3 of the tires up, hoisted Mario (8) on the top of the middle one (that is standing on another one laying down) and placed the kids around, I have not worked with so many kids at one time before so it was a bit of a trip keeping the little ones from wondering to the sandbox but we did this in just a few minuets and they were free to go, thankfully for them my camera card was nearly full and I was only able to take a few pics, they are real good about it and enjoy it too to see it afterwards. back in the day when I was still the subject (or one of them) it was a bit of a chore as we never really understood the whole process or what “daddy” was telling us he wanted as we did not see the final result of our (my brothers and I) tortured expressions till weeks or months later when he’d finished the roll and got it developed. It was dusk and I did not use a flash so it kind of has a funny feel to me, almost like a film print.
Yes it is supposed to be summer but you would not know it with all the coats they had to wear going out. We want to go to the lake swimming, barbecues, and back yard water fights but it is still in the low 20’s C at best most of the time and rainy 😦 , guess we can’t have it all and it will come in full swing in it’s good time…eventually.

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three months on, and blogging strong

June 1, 2006 1 comment

It’s been three months now since I’ve started this and I’m thankful for everyone who finds this little site and takes the time to check it out so regularly. I hope to continue to make it a fun and inspiring little place to stop in on.

Honorable mention as top referers this month go to Mike & Nina, Silverwaters, and Hobbyns. Thanks so much guys for sending visitors this way!

Stats: 361 views this 30 day period, most views in one day was 38 (today). Known visitor locations include Europe, North America, Asia, Pacific, Austrailia and the Middle East.  

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