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The new granny on the blog

We all know blogs are taking over the internet and now they even start blogs for kids before they can walk like my siblings did for their recent additions practically the day they were born and host on babysites.com (a novel site for new parents and rele’s to keep up with their kids developments). Today I got an email form my mom asking for help to set up a blog to keep up and post things for her growing amount of grand kids, yes, there is now even a Granny blog. I spent about three hours on chat with her just explaining to her the basics and she caught on fast and had fun.

The result, the beginnings to an all new blog for our family and relatives. She might not be the new kid on the block but defiantly the blogosphire, but with her great writing and big vision she sure will BLOG YOU! This should be a great site even for those of the other half of the world that is not related to our ever expanding family yet.
We refer to her with my nieces and nephews as Grammy instead of Granny, she might not ever get a Grammy Award like music stars do but we we have had one all our lives and someone real to pass on to our family’s little ones, a real Grammy.

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  1. June 30, 2006 at 10:06 pm

    Hoohah! For Grammy’s everywhere. Me being one! Send her on over!

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