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Monsters Inc, and a war of the worlds

lordi.jpgWell, we just saw the end of the EuroVision music show that is done annually for all European countries to submit a contestant to and do one song. We were mostly interested in our country and its neighbors and hw they would do overall. We had heard of the Finnish group Lordi, a “monster-rock” band that wears outlandish demon outfits that look like a combination of rubber suit rejects from the film set of “13th Warrior” or the vampire TV show “Buffy”. While it does appear to be a “good show” and a good rock beat (compared to the redundint folk and pop music other countries had to offer) it seems beside just being a publicity stint it has a real dark spirit and their song “Hard Rock Hallelujah” is not an inspired song (at least by good spirits) to put it mild. – But yes, you guessed it, they won the night and the title for this year. It seems like spirits are being unleashed in this arena of music too, and the days keep getting darker all the time.

A few years ago we had the British band “The Darkness” win all kinds of awards and their songs playing anywhere you turn, now we have monsters too- the perfect combination for bad dreams – God deliver us!

I like rock music and a good beat but I think I’ll keep my head rocking to “Principalities” or even “Honk, Honk Hallelujah” with an out of tune guitar then this. Thank God we have our own stuff and rock concerts for our youth and not what the masses are giving their votes for. Many people didn’t think this band would win but they did, just like how so many don’t think anyone could take the mark of the Beast, but they will. If it’s cool, hip or “anti establishment” Europe will swallow it, that’s why we got such a big job here.

It kind of reminds me of the film “The Time Machine” where he goes into the future and there is no more use for books (internet) and the populous gets hypnotized into feeding themselves to the beasts, with one difference, there is no need to time travel.
The future is now, and there is no way back, only deeper darkness till we see His glorious light. Let’s reach the world before it’s too late, “for the night cometh when no man can work” (John 9:4).

I looked up the name Lordi and this is what I found from Ansestry.com
Southern Italian: patronymic or plural form of a nickname or possibly a topographic name from Italian lordo or Sicilian lordu ‘dirty’, ‘muddy’, ‘turbid (of water)’.
I think I remember it being a name of a God or demon, their music surly is muddy water but that name is much more demonic then that.

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  1. Katrina
    May 22, 2006 at 1:17 pm

    Good commentary! Good for you! Take a stand and stand up for Him!
    Katrina of Dan

  2. June 1, 2006 at 3:21 pm

    Ah i agree. Except the darkness wasn’t anywhere near being dark
    music. I guess the name was publicity.

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