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Correction on the word YOKEN, and more

I’ve been researching the word yoken and have come to realize (what most of you already know) it is not a word, I’ve poured through old English and Bible dictionaries and nope, it’s not in there either. Only yoked and yoking are alternatives, guess I’ve always just been a bit of a hick and heard yokin’ and thought it was a real word as a verb for the act of yoking something, cattle for instance. We can coin it as a new word for the mags name or come up with something new entirely different, it’s all good. I will move this part of my blog to its own page PWed so if anyone wants to read more and keep up with the developments you’ll have to write grassrootspub@gmail.com and ask for the PW for that part of my blog.
GrassRootsPub (GWP) will be for brainstorming and producing things for the Family “open source” style in that different people will build on the work of others to produce something for the benefit of all. It's kind of like how Linux, Firefox, wordpress and other things are done but this will be for writing and printed material not code and software. If you don’t have much time, give a little. If we get enough people to give some time/effort/talents it will make a lot that we all can benefit from.

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