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Youth magazine, for us by us. Wanna help?

yoken sample 200.jpgHere is another idea I’m throwing out on this blog. For some years now I’ve been thinking of doing a magazine for the Family geared particularly to Family young people 18-80 – opps that’s my age range for something else :P, more like 15-16 and up to all those still young at heart. The details are sketchy at this point but probably as a downloadable from a web site and/or be able to read the articles from this site (yet to be made). The reason for posting here is to put out a call for anyone (FD, MM) interested in helping get this going. I’m hoping to have it as a quarterly mag depending on the amount of content contributed.

I know we are all busy in our lives and missionary work around the word but there is always a little time here and there or you might be doing writing or photography as a hobby, or are just looking for a challenge and fun away to build up CVA credits.

For general news, happenings and testimonies keep sending them to the GV, Link, XN/FSM this is not for that content. This would be for variety things like interviews, mission field profiles, music and all the many facets of Family life. This is just an additional avenue for Family members to promote and uplift the Lord the Word and our unique lifestyle in an informal way amongst ourselves and to the younger ones in a contemporary way. This won’t be for the GP or for anyone just to vent their views and feelings if it does not meet the above mentioned standard.

What is needed is:
Field journalists (on location at local camps, concerts and witnessing opportunities)
Writers (for other pieces, essays, op-ed, columns etc)
Photographers (to capture the action and also pictorial assignments)
Artist/ graphic talent

A tentative name for it is YOKEN, I know it is an archaic word and associated these days in the gaming world but here is something I got when I asked Him about it. (If anyone has any other ideas or gets anything please pass it on at the email at the end of this post)

The yoke is a very important symbol to the Family and one I have ordained the Family to use and bare with pride as my prophets of the end. In the world it is looked on as a burned or a sign of bondage but I look on it very differently for my yoke is easy and my burden is light. It is a joy and honor for my children and not a chain or weight. I ask you to be yoked one to another and yoked in my love and not unequally yoked with the world and unbelievers so you really should be proud of this symbol I’ve given you and a constant reminder. It is a humble word picture but fitting as my endtime prophets and show that I choose the humble things of this world and that without me you are nothing.

Anyone interested please contact me (Jayman) at grassrootspub@gmail.com let me know how you want to help and your key for farther contact on this. Spread the word.
More will be posted on this in the coming days.

Peace, and revolution!

PS. The picture is just an old pic I did some years back and just to show a cover idea that is a word picture as an example that could differentiate this Mag from our other pub cover styles. With less focus being on who it is and more on what it conveys.

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