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All in a days walk

May 30, 2006 Leave a comment

This afternoon I took the kids for a long walk. It has been raining here for the last 2-3 days strait and it was starting to feel like Noah and the arch in the house the kids were becoming restless little “animals”. Here are some pics and story captions from that trip.

a spring day.jpg

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The new granny on the blog

May 28, 2006 1 comment

We all know blogs are taking over the internet and now they even start blogs for kids before they can walk like my siblings did for their recent additions practically the day they were born and host on (a novel site for new parents and rele’s to keep up with their kids developments). Today I got an email form my mom asking for help to set up a blog to keep up and post things for her growing amount of grand kids, yes, there is now even a Granny blog. I spent about three hours on chat with her just explaining to her the basics and she caught on fast and had fun.

The result, the beginnings to an all new blog for our family and relatives. She might not be the new kid on the block but defiantly the blogosphire, but with her great writing and big vision she sure will BLOG YOU! This should be a great site even for those of the other half of the world that is not related to our ever expanding family yet.
We refer to her with my nieces and nephews as Grammy instead of Granny, she might not ever get a Grammy Award like music stars do but we we have had one all our lives and someone real to pass on to our family’s little ones, a real Grammy.

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Ancestry answers, or just more questions

May 24, 2006 Leave a comment

my ansesters work C.gifThis is an interesting site called it gives you meanings to your last name and different insights into your family’s history if you can trace your roots back to 1800’s USA. I can’t but it was fun anyways. I typed in my surname and found some interesting stuff out below the graph shows my family’s occupation back in the day when the main trade in middle America was farming and farmer was the dream job and a vast land owner, though of course was not a banker or anything. You’ll see my ancestors set a high bar in matching or out performing the General Public in their field in all but house keeping, guess that explains why my room is the way it is, though I make up for it on the home level as our home’s “automatic dishwasher” and other domestic duties. In truth my great, great grandfather was an orphan (legend has it brought over from Europe on the second "Orphan Train") and adopted in the early 1900’s into this name so I really don’t know if I can take any credit for this other then that we joined an above average family line and that has continued to be passed on. It is an interesting site none the less, my search continues.

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Nature thirsts

May 21, 2006 Leave a comment

bird drink.jpg

Here is an amazing picture from AP that shows the need for water that India is facing now. Please keep all Family in your thoughts and prayers as you see this picture and for all the poor and frail that these natural disasters affect most desperately.

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Monsters Inc, and a war of the worlds

May 20, 2006 2 comments

lordi.jpgWell, we just saw the end of the EuroVision music show that is done annually for all European countries to submit a contestant to and do one song. We were mostly interested in our country and its neighbors and hw they would do overall. We had heard of the Finnish group Lordi, a “monster-rock” band that wears outlandish demon outfits that look like a combination of rubber suit rejects from the film set of “13th Warrior” or the vampire TV show “Buffy”. While it does appear to be a “good show” and a good rock beat (compared to the redundint folk and pop music other countries had to offer) it seems beside just being a publicity stint it has a real dark spirit and their song “Hard Rock Hallelujah” is not an inspired song (at least by good spirits) to put it mild. – But yes, you guessed it, they won the night and the title for this year. It seems like spirits are being unleashed in this arena of music too, and the days keep getting darker all the time.

A few years ago we had the British band “The Darkness” win all kinds of awards and their songs playing anywhere you turn, now we have monsters too- the perfect combination for bad dreams – God deliver us!

I like rock music and a good beat but I think I’ll keep my head rocking to “Principalities” or even “Honk, Honk Hallelujah” with an out of tune guitar then this. Thank God we have our own stuff and rock concerts for our youth and not what the masses are giving their votes for. Many people didn’t think this band would win but they did, just like how so many don’t think anyone could take the mark of the Beast, but they will. If it’s cool, hip or “anti establishment” Europe will swallow it, that’s why we got such a big job here.

It kind of reminds me of the film “The Time Machine” where he goes into the future and there is no more use for books (internet) and the populous gets hypnotized into feeding themselves to the beasts, with one difference, there is no need to time travel.
The future is now, and there is no way back, only deeper darkness till we see His glorious light. Let’s reach the world before it’s too late, “for the night cometh when no man can work” (John 9:4).

I looked up the name Lordi and this is what I found from
Southern Italian: patronymic or plural form of a nickname or possibly a topographic name from Italian lordo or Sicilian lordu ‘dirty’, ‘muddy’, ‘turbid (of water)’.
I think I remember it being a name of a God or demon, their music surly is muddy water but that name is much more demonic then that.

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Snail Patrol

May 17, 2006 3 comments

Today I went out with some of the kids for a bit of a walk as it was great weather and others in the home were busy. We took a long walk around our rural settings and it was a good opportunity for these guys to just get out in the outdoors and look for little creatures and critters that are prevalent in spring. I found it quite nice too to be away from the ‘beehive’ for a bit and just walk the forest paths where there is no computer work, phone calls, chores, meetings, clean-ups and the mired of things that keep us so busy and rushed most of the day being a Family home and local NGO etc. Time can seem to stand still – at least until the kids excitedly holler “LADYBUG” or “SPIDER” – but that’s okay because just a few minutes of peace is all you really need to clear your head sometimes of the cares of our busy lives and then are ready to jump back in and run into the bushes to get a shot of the ‘cool’ bug or insect that they found and take in the moment with these little exploring minds. Guess that is why Jesus said we have to be more like little children, these little guys who have so much faith and trust and don’t worry about the work or the bills and just are full of life knowing they got a big guy watching out for them on their walk taking snapshots of their daily lives. How much more should we have peace having the ultimate ‘big guy’ looking out for us, and I’m sure He’s looking down and taking snapshots of our lives too –ha.

Those are my thoughts anyways, here are some pictures.

snellz.jpg Snail patrol.

bugalady.jpg Dotty.

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Happy mothers day to you all

May 14, 2006 Leave a comment

I have many mothers that I want to show appreciation for so I’ll do it all here at once. So here is to my mom, Grandmother, 4 Aunts, 3 sister-in-laws and newly mother and most favorite sister Curri. You are all hero’s your love and sacrifices are felt and appreciated daily as you work to care for others as only a mother can.

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