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All the Presidents’ men

george-bush-picture-37-705063.jpgI do not get into politics much here on my blog but this article struck me as a dashavue to one I read during the Katrina hurricane aftermath. Then it was about Michael Brown then FEMA chief in charge of the disaster response and relief operations. Bush said “you’re doing one heck of a good job Brownie” and kept supporting him publicly all the way till the day he accepted Brown’s resignation. This time it is Rumsfeld who everyone is fed up with and who I don’t predict will be around much longer. Bush yesterday at Camp David for Easter said “Secretary Rumsfeld’s energetic and steady leadership is exactly what is needed at this critical period; he has my full support and deepest appreciation.”
He is not willing to read the tea leaves and find a replacement and try to at least do some “damage control” in his administration. Sure, he let his buddy (Andy Card) go to try to show that he can clean things up but that is just a symbolic gesture and filling that slot with another old buddy shows us is that the only thing that changed was the name on the door. He shows us once again that he is unable to make big decisions when it involves someone of his inner circle and I think we will see more of his applause for Rumsfeld all the way till he submits a new successor to be approved by congress.
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