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Driving in the (not so) fast lane

fast lane 2.jpgOn Friday I want to a special little part in this country to me. It is tucked away and not so well known or touristy but I go there about once year (usually in the spring) and this year having the Mottos calendar in the local language was nice to have to offer to people. The terrain is like that of maybe Austria with lots of windy hills and steep ascents with narrow roads snaking around in hairpin turns but it does not keep the big gravel laden trucks from taking the route and thinking that they are driving a rally car. Thankfully we made it there without incident. I drove there last year several days in a row so I got to know the roads well and this year I know what I was getting into. We met many very helpful people and were able to get out 4 Mottos and an Activated subscription in the limited time we had, it’s nearing Easter and it is a time when people are more willing to give to our cause and NGO.

In-between the bigger towns there are many villages that are all but nearly ghost towns as there are only a few old people still farming living in stone and wooden houses as most other folks have moved to the bigger cities leaving this beautiful countryside area almost all up for grabs, except for the occasional tractor on the road. In ten or twenty years there probably won’t be a soul sight. What surprised me most is that no mater how old and run down the town is there is always a nice big church, often the only freshly painted building in the village. Here are some pictures I took on that trip.

rags n rich.jpg

Rags and riches

church mbs.jpg

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  1. April 9, 2006 at 12:18 pm

    A beautiful peaceful post. Thank you.

    Believe you will enjoy my site, also.



  2. Nyx
    April 11, 2006 at 1:58 am

    nice pix. had a dream last night that someone handed me a round-trip ticket to europe. Heh. What dreams may come…

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