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100 dollar laptops

a sample courtesy of laptop.org

 As a volunteer working in developing countries I’m always inspired when someone from secular life stands up in his/her way to address some of the worlds needs especially in developing or impoverished nations. I’m not talking about the rich chumps who sit around in Davos every year or even the rock singer Bono’s red tag fad for rich people to give a part of their purchase of designer items. It’s all nice and good but really kind of out of touch with the little guys they claim to be serving.
I started hearing about “the green machine” a few weeks ago that is a wind up laptop for rural areas and especially Africa. This article states some changes and some backlash it is currently facing not surprisingly from Microsoft and Intel, it will run Linux and is being built by a visionary professor (Nicholas Negroponte) at MIT and will be made available for as little as $100 or less.
OK it does not stop world hunger or eradicate AIDS but in places that are so remote or communities that are isolated even the smallest form of education is greatly needed if these things do get off the ground and get to those that need them they can really do some good.

For example the place I went to yesterday only half an hour from “civilization” near to where we stay that has high-speed internet connections, brand name designer boutiques, a cinema that plays the latest Hollywood blockbusters and hundreds of new BMW owners but once you go to the villages and rural areas they really have nothing but the basics. Often education is minimal and many barely get through high school and saddest of all is the lack of ability and desire to do something with it. All that to say is that I’m glad this country has shown and interest and though it won’t be on the first line of countries getting them but I’m encouraged that the government has shown interest is in the second faze. I think it will be one thing our local NGO here could endorse and do some ground level awareness for with educators and the public to bridge this educational divide. 

Official site about it and other info site

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