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I’m an Uncle…again…

April 24, 2006 1 comment

…for the tenth time. Yes, my siblings breed well. That is four of 6 of us that had a hand in populating this world to date, with my sis days or hours away from adding another little girl to the fold. The newest member, Logan, is the first for my youngest brother. Congrats bro! wish you the best, and Amanda a quick recovery. 
He is in the army and I was afraid it might accidentally be called Roger as upon hearing the news his automatic response might have been “roger that”. No roger in our family yet, that’s affirmative. Maybe next time.

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Writers needed!

April 20, 2006 Leave a comment

Ever write a story? Ever have something happen as a kid or with your children that is worth writing about?
This is the deal. I need 3 (unique/original) stories 300-500 words long geared for a 4-10 year old GP audience. Those who have seen the kids Christmas Activated magazines will have an idea. Fiction, fantasy or true-life are all welcome. Topics can be anything besides winter themes like snow and Christmas. All stories must include a good moral/ lesson. If your story is used for this project there will be a $20 gift awaiting you. You are welcome to submit as many stories as you want provided they are authentically yours. Three (at most) will be chosen. You will retain all legal rights to your work submitted. If your work is chosen to be published the copy-righter will contact you farther on this matter.

Spread the word and get others to contribute as well. This will need to be submitted before May 25, 2006. Any submitted afterwards may not be reviewed.

Contact me at:

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My Sis got married!

April 20, 2006 1 comment

I just heard that my little sister has tied the knot with her boyfriend. She is PG with a girl and expecting any day. Congratulations to both of you, Mr & Mrs Smith! May God bless and keep you. Curri I love you girl, your the greatest sis anyone could have asked for. Smith, welcome to the family, take care of her now, shes priceless to us. Wishing you both the best during this time, that it be a joyous occasion and that the baby you are to be blessed with is healthy and strong.

Dear readers: I’ll keep you posted and add pics when I get them. If anyone knows my sis or wants to send a personal note you can email me to pass on to her or leave a comment and she’ll read it.

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Toons of our times

April 17, 2006 1 comment

easter sale1.jpg

Here I a little political cartoon I did. Originally I wanted to do a cartoon for All the Presidants’ men article but did not have time so today I got some ideas and added to them and this little picture came to be.

I got into thinking about some of the other cabinet changes there have been and added some of the more noteworthy ones as old toys, Andy Card (White house chief of staff) as a playing card, L “Scooter” Libby (VP Chaney’s ex chief of staff) as a scooter, Hariat Myers (Bush’s first nominee for the Supreme Court vacancy) as herself, Michael Brown (ex FEMA chief) gone fishing, and Colin Powel (former Secretary of State) as a nutcracker soldier. Bush is touting Rumsfeld’s good work with a bullhorn while six retired generals are blowing holes in his thin Easter egg raping.

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Some B/W shots

April 15, 2006 Leave a comment

We have some others over for the Easter weekend from another home and was out with some of the kids and took some shots. I was playing with the B/W option as I love the contrast and clearity that that format gives. Enjoy!
(having problems uploading, i'll add them later. stay tuned)


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All the Presidents’ men

April 15, 2006 Leave a comment

george-bush-picture-37-705063.jpgI do not get into politics much here on my blog but this article struck me as a dashavue to one I read during the Katrina hurricane aftermath. Then it was about Michael Brown then FEMA chief in charge of the disaster response and relief operations. Bush said “you’re doing one heck of a good job Brownie” and kept supporting him publicly all the way till the day he accepted Brown’s resignation. This time it is Rumsfeld who everyone is fed up with and who I don’t predict will be around much longer. Bush yesterday at Camp David for Easter said “Secretary Rumsfeld’s energetic and steady leadership is exactly what is needed at this critical period; he has my full support and deepest appreciation.”
He is not willing to read the tea leaves and find a replacement and try to at least do some “damage control” in his administration. Sure, he let his buddy (Andy Card) go to try to show that he can clean things up but that is just a symbolic gesture and filling that slot with another old buddy shows us is that the only thing that changed was the name on the door. He shows us once again that he is unable to make big decisions when it involves someone of his inner circle and I think we will see more of his applause for Rumsfeld all the way till he submits a new successor to be approved by congress.
Picture courtesy of george-bush-pics.    

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Spring shots

April 13, 2006 2 comments

I do not have much to say today but I did take the kids out for a long walk today and was able to take some shots as we went. Here are some of the better ones.

girls in field.jpg

girls in field 2.jpg

The girls of J/G and our homes pet dogs enjoying the open spaces.

ripples CM.jpg

Just an interesting ripple and reflection shot.

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