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Oh, how the WWW has changed

This is an interesting GIF I came across the other day. Funny but true.

pcjoke.gifI’ve been busy on some new web projects the past few days and exploring places I’ve never thought I’d get time to do like setting up a small forum site. The web has really changed n the past ten years I’ve been following it. I remember first shopping for a domain name and they were like $35, I just yesterday bought one for $6.20. With the event of PHP and other new developments we can have more interactivity like this site and PHPbb for running forums, the web is truly becoming more instantaneous and interactive. WordPress.org also has a more downloadable version giving the world the opportunity to build this kind of site and more on your own hosting plan, best of all it is free. More and more we too see code being written for this that is open and free for all. Hard working people adding to the better of everyone, a far cry from PC and internet ‘founding fathers’ practices of a decade or two ago milking us dry at the teat for flawed software so they could invest in making a slightly better one.

As a developer I also am glad for the way forums and blog sites expose the everyday ‘Joe” to code and some of the inner running of doing a web page where they can dabble or at least see all the hard work it is that we do to get sites up for them. All that to say I got some things up my sleeves that I’ll post links to once they are done.

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