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Wedding Crashers (2005) comedy

wedding_crashers_200w.jpgThis is a fun movie. I’m not really sure I’d recommend it but now that I’ve seen it I’ll review it and you/your home can decide on getting it or not. At least you’ll have been told. From looking at the acting line-up you can get an idea of what to expect but only an idea, it really is even funnier then that. It explores the life of two long time friends who are in their 30’s and still act like collage kids when it comes to the “wedding season”. They “crash” weddings of any race or religion till they finally meet their match and all their long preserved rules of crashing come crashing down on them.

A rather predictable storyline as these kind of comedies do but you are so busy laughing (or picking yourself off the floor as was the case with the guy sitting next to me) that you hardly care to notice. I found the suggestive gay elements unnecessary to the story but there seems hardy a film these days without one and this one was more bark the bite though you really feel sorry for the dude involved as there really is nothing he can do, but again just pointless. The quote “you reap what you sow” could really be true for these guys as they learn some of life’s simplest lessons the hard way. It is well casted but you get kind of bored seeing the same few guys (or various combinations) always acting like fools all the time.

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn keep it flowing together and make a funny on-screen pair. Will Ferrow’s character is off the deep end as usual and glad he did not have a bigger part then he did in this film. Not a particularly memorable film but Christopher Walken puts in an interesting performance in a rather subdued but key role. Rachel McAdams shows her star power and hope she can get some better leads and that we’ll see more from her to come.

I imagine it would be good for killing time like traveling on a plane or some time when you got nothing else to do but not something very high on the list to show to bring home. Pure entertainment.    

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