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Making natures #2 safety’s #1

the dunne - text2.jpgAt first glance I thought that this article was going make a good case of yet another reason that we as a society are fat and unhealthy – it doesn’t.
It states that Australian citizens are getting to big to fit the strength of their toilets seats. Sounds funny right? Sounds like finally a good reason to lose weight. But it goes on to explain that the current industry standard in Australia for toilet seats is only 100 pounds (45 kg). How have they let the fashion industry set the standard for toilet seats? Have we all become so “obese” as this article calls it, that if that kind of seat buckles from under us somehow it’s our fault? Very few full grown healthy people are only 100 pounds. Perhaps they got the ones designated for Chinatown or primary schools. If we designed toilet bowls to that same strength they would not be toilets, they’d be vases.

Perhaps they should take a pointer or two from the US, as when it comes to toilet seats, they know how to pick them. I personally know this to be a fact. When I was there I once worked on renovating a bathroom for a lady in Illinois. I had painted and wallpapered and then came the time to shop for accessories, and yes, a new toilet seat. I spent what seemed like many hours with her (armed with wallpaper and paint samples) trying to find just the perfect one to grace our new-improved throne room. The old blue trusty ‘international’ would no longer do. I found out that in choosing a new seat you can’t let yourself get sidetracked by all the colors and patterns there are in Home Depot, not even the shells or matchbax racecars embedded in the clear plastic ones. When it comes to a good seat there really are only two choices aside from the white plastic ‘international’ one the whole rest of the world uses.

inter vs gone.jpgFirst there is ‘go with the grain’ a seat just hewn out of a log with a hole cut out the middle and varnished to a shine  I guess for those who still miss the cold wood outhouse feel but not the splinters. Secondly there is – and now I’ve only ever seen this in America, kind of like raccoons – called ‘gone with the wind’. A foam padded make covered with cheep vinyl that sends a gust of air up your undercarriage if engaged to swiftly. We ended up leaving with a pine green ‘gone with the wind’. Ok, I’ll admit it, I caved in to her, it wound not have been my first choice. The only option in any real guys mind would have been the two solid oak slabs, but after much negotiating and her reminding me that she was paying, I relented. After all that time in there staring at the wall of toilet seats I would have taken anything just to leave that department or keep her from saying “let’s check Menards or Lowe’s”. At lest we could be assured that if at home we were to go to pot, the toilet seat would not. That is more then I can say for the dear Aussies.

I guess that might be one reason Australians are often referred to as the people “downunder”. God knows I’d spend a lot of time picking myself off the bathroom floor too. No wonder so many of them enjoy a swift trek into the outback or “bush” as they call it, braving the crocks and wild beasts. I’m sure it’s for more then just peace of mind… let’s just say… that they do it for their heath.

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