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Introducing: Ads you won’t see stateside

One of the great things about our world is that places, cultures and views differ depending where you are. Living and traveling in Europe I notice some of those differences. For example Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica and Janet’s “wardrobe malfunction” are not thought of here as a big deal and many people don’t understand why American society does. Because of that difference of perception the advertising sector here has more room to add fun ideas on billboards and poster ads in public places to present their products. I’ve been noticing this for awhile but in the last few years that I’ve been into photography and keep my camera with me I’ve snapped some pics that I had on my site but now will be posting here in this new topic. First some old ones and I’ll add more as I run across them. (to see pics and commentary click the side column of this same name)

Disclaimer: I am sure that all these companies know exactly what they are doing and the messages they are presenting are sound. I on the other hand rarely do so the commentary is meant with the utmost appreciation for them because if they did not do what they do neither could I. Respect! 

  1. April 10, 2006 at 5:28 am

    Ahh they are just too good, had me laughing the whole time. God! I can’t belive I’m shocked by the ads… yep, haven’t been in the EU for a while

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