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Jesus turns the Mac into Windows

imacXPj.jpgMake that Jesus Lopez. News is a computer hacker might very well be on his way to completing his first “miracle” for sainthood. At least to make it into computer heaven and sending many more computer users there at the same time.

This long awaited solution can only stand to benefit both sides of the isle, as to get Windows to run on a Mac you have to own a Mac and to get Windows on it you have to have a copy of Windows. If you got the $300 extra after getting yourself a iMac, why not. For developers and busy people that have had to have both computer formats it will help reduce time and space. Guess the possible losers could be PC makers as if everyone just gets iMacs and Windows software there would not be much need for the conventional 3rd party hardware of a PC or laptop that does not have an “i” at the beginning of the name.

This is just pure speculation on my part but I defiantly don’t see how it would NOT play to Macs favor. Now if it was the other way it would drastically hurt Mac as they rely solely on you buying their OS together with their hardware platform even if (until this year) you had no choice other then AMD chips running them. Now if someone could get Mac OS to run on my PC that would kill Mac as they are so dependant on their hardware/software combo. It would be neat but I don’t really see much need for dual-platform on a Windows system other then for someone to win another award.

Win-on-Mac though I think is an important step that will make people previously leery (at least first-time buyers) about buying a Mac if they can easily still fall back on the more familiar Windows when needed. And really what does Microsoft have to lose? More sells and everyone is happy, at least till everyone gets used to a Mac world.  

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