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Murphy’s Law

The law of Murphy states: Whatever should NOT happen, DOES happen.
I’ve been finding that frustratingly true in my exercise schedule as I try to go jogging in the morning every 3rd day and the last two times that has come jogging day it just has to snow even if it is just for the portion if time I have allotted to it before I need to resume other duties here in my home. Yesterday was a nice spring-like day. All the neighbors took the time to trim their trees and home “vineyards” and the like I even trimmed some of the rose bushes in between some driving errands to “keep up with the Jones’” or as here it might be the “Horvats”, you know showing them this gringo can tend garden too.
This morning I awoke for my jog only to find the nastiest windy weather with light snow coming down like January all over. I gave myself the ‘postman speech’; you know the “no wind, nor rain, nor snow will keep from delivering the mail etc” and I set out. I have this little route that I do that is about 2.8 km around the housing community I live in that is a big rectangle without any roads or paths to shortcut. I made it around once and decided to do it again. It was nice to stretch limits and pull a surprise over my body, though it might try to get back at me when I try to get out of bed tomorrow, we’ll see. I used to do that distance once a week from the gym to our home when I was in better form so it was nice to achieve it again and know that I have gotten in better shape since the start of the year despite what the weather throws at me. Of course the snow stopped and all melted as soon as I got back to the warmth of the house. Humph!

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