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edison.jpg I could have missed it. I know that is probably the worst review you could give a movie but in this case it is true. The film itself has the makings for a strong plot; veteran back-up cast in Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey but it fails to get off the ground. Justin Timberlake does a forgettable performance to what otherwise might have made a good suspense thriller if he had actually gone to some acting classes before the shoot. He desperately needs to widen his vocabulary and you get the feeling that the producers did away with his script in parts allowing for him to just ad-lib whatever came to his mind which only amounted to s—- and f—-, seemingly forgetting that he was on camera. Even when he ends up with a dead guy in his living room he is not capable of any more powerful emotions of fear or alarm that the guy almost assassinated him. He spastically resorts to pacing around the room swearing as if he had lost his dads’ car keys or something.
Though Timberlake tanked the film having the leading role I think most of the responsibility falls on the director/producers who showed poor judgment not only with the casting choice but some of the vital elements of the film too. Particularly the big shoot ’em up at the end was more reminiscent of a B-rate action flick then a crime thriller, in which it usually comes down to unfolding a surprise twist ending between two people and dialog (think The Recruit) and not just big weapons and sniper ability shooting even from Timberlake’s journalist character.
From casting rapper/hip-hoppers to cheap car chases, they chose teen audience popularity over content and what could have shaped up to be a real crime suspense thriller exposing corrupt law enforcement to the likes of Serprico. This ended up being a poor audition for music artists LLcoolJ and Timberlake to disply their attempts at the acting craft that in the end not even great performances by character actors Freeman and Spacey could save. All I can say is that Timberlake should not quit his day job yet, though perhaps if he really wants his acting to be justified he should take up some night acting classes or find a musical version of Frodo. Unlike the inventor Edison this film fails to turn on the light bulb and after 95 minuets running time it just leaves you in the dark.   

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