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Port Call

make stand - port call.jpg I’ve been following this saga we are having with our ports being sold to DP World of Dubai and saw an amazing story covered today on one of our networks that highlights the seriousness of this news item.
The report transcript went like this:
Anchorman: …and now we go live to Port O’Call and our very own Mike Stand to get a feeling on the ground of the gravity of our ports being run by others like they have been now for a long time…
Newscaster Mike Stand: I really feel manly with my jeans and steel tips walking around with all these big steal containers and greasy trucks, come to think of it I’m an imbedded journalist. Cool, this is my big break…oh are we on air…Bang, Bang… uh? …oh don’t worry that was just the feedback from me testing my mike…central, sorry about that …tee…
…“We are here today because we are really scared that someone wants to buy our nations’ ports so we are hanging around with really tough guys here at the docks so that we don’t feel so scared anymore…I mean look at this guys’ arm…and that tattoo…is it really a naked…”
Anchorman: Mike, the story?
MS: Oh yeah, well let’s ask some of these big guys what they think.
Man With Big Arm: I don’t see any signs that this is for sale. We don’t got no price tags on us, this ain’t no grocery store or something. My friend Larry is trying to sell his Dodge though…
Frank: You mean those A-rabs are trying to take over the United States of America? Where are they? I’ll…
MWBA:…it’s only like $399, and no trade-in. He owes me the cash.
Tom: I think I saw me an A-rab once, funny though, I’ll never forget it. It was like 2pm, right? And I’m clocking in a second (shift) at the depot building and this little brown guy comes up wearing a mustache what can only be described as, well…pajamas …
Frank: I thought only cops wear mustaches…
MWBA: I never heard Arabs wanted it. There was a Li interested once, is that name Arabish?
 Tom: Like who wears pajamas at 2 in the afternoon, Right? Well, musta had a bomb under them or something. He was carrying this funny shaped lunchbox too, full of papers and stuff…
Frank: Who eats papers for lunch? Musta been a damn terrorist for sure! I woulda…
MS: Well back to topic. Do you think your government is doing all it can protect our nations ports?
Tom: This is all too much to think about at once. Tell me good guys/bad guys, I understand that much. But maybe make it illegal to wear pajamas portside just to be sure.
Frank: And only allow cops to wear mustaches. We are the good guys, I know that much. That is all that matters to me in our great US of A!
Tom: Yeah! Gimmy five!
MC: So there you have it. These men are visibly shaken about what is about to take place and will not let our government allow this deal to go through…this is Mike Stand docking off, (wink) get the pun, I’m “docking off” here at the docks of Port O’Call …Central back to you.
Anchor man: Thank you Mike.
MS: Wow, whatta closer.
MWBA: So you TV guy, should I tell Larry you are interested in the truck?

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