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workout pic1.jpgOne of my New Year’s resolutions has been to exercise daily which I’ve been able to keep so far all but three days since Jan 1. It is not much but something to keep the fat cells from running rampant and something psychologically to get back in shape before I turn 30 in the fall. I have a little routine of three days, one day jog (3.8km or about 2m), the second day arms and chest and the third stomach as that is really my weak area despite having a strong stomach I have a bit to much “padding” that I’m trying to work off. My routine has been going for more then two months so I looked up some new things in one of my old magazines and found some great simple floor work with a ball that really mixed things up for me and kept my abs guessing. It’s amazing how simple things like stretching to put a ball though your legs for example can really get your tummy working. I’d gone to gyms before for heavy work but do not have time these days but there are plenty of things to do in my room ‘gym” to keep in shape and keep my workouts from being mundane.

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