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All that Glitters

Well tonight is Oscar night. I won’t be watching it as it won’t start till 1:00 am local time and I got my jogging day and Monday work to keep up with. I have not seen any of the films up for big ones this year so I will reserve from commenting on individual movies. It is nice to see some smaller films being up for big awards for a change then the usual Hollywood fair. Despite all the hype and controversial topics this year including 3 dealing with gay topics, 2 with strong political themes and two  including a foreign film dealing with terrorism.

Regardless of whoever wins tonight there is one positive note  and that is that people will be thinking, they bring up deep subjects that none of the ‘Kate’ and ‘Jacks’ of Oscar nominees have touched on and I think it will cause an awakening of the public that are searching for more answers. I think this year more then any there are messages being loosed via this medium (we saw it last year too with Million Dollar Baby) as it is time in our world and history for people to make decisions that will shape how they react to things in the future.

Getting an award really does not legitimize anything to me it just means that those who made it spent so much time and effort/talent to make it and that only makes me wonder why. One film alone took seven years to push through; this is not something they did on a summer trip to Wyoming, Why would a great director devote so much time on this? Ultimately because he chose to, that is what he believes in and the story he wanted to tell the world and I think it only stands to reason there are many others who will be choosing too and it is our job to give them the answers (something films rarely include) before it is too late. 

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