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I have a dream…

starlight.jpgWell, it was more like an idea or euphoric mental serge of inspiration while serving myself some “healthy” ricepuffs for breakfast. I’ve recently been watching and listening to some music clips done by independent full time volunteers and it is truly amazing the level of talent that they are able to do without sophisticated cameras or editing equipment. It is a personal goal and dream of mine to one day to direct/produce (and film if needed) a music video of some of the TCD songs that come out as pictures can bring a songs message home with a good interpretation and direction. Similarly I think there could be a big vacuum for documentary style films (an upgrade or more “handheld” feel then the The Vine format) as we are all involved in full time volunteer work it is just a matter or having a clear story to tell and knowing how to tell it. This idea was though to have a Family “film festival” (music video, documentary, animated etc.) where those that have a hand in it can show their work and have workshops sharing ideas tips etc. and develop skills to do even better jobs next time. My dream is to host it on the Croatian coast as it is just a fantastic setting for such a thing (think Mediterranean old town watching on an outside projector screening in the evening after time on the beach) and would be a cool incentive for people to come for some time (3-7 days) depending on the amount of material being screened. Like I said it is just an idea, the bands and singers get to have organized rock concerts like Wordstock and EuRock why can’t there be something for film clips? Sure it would be a bit different not being coupled as a teen fellowship but if kids are doing audiovisual editing CVA or acting, music or journalism I think it could be a good place for young people to showcase what they’ve done and to learn from others who have put some things together to screen. Perhaps we can hold classes on these subjects by CVA instructors or have guest speakers like Johnny B, Benny, or Gabe Iowa who are veterans of this and have used their talents in this field and have successfully incorporated these talents into their service as full time missionaries for many years now. Sure I might have to wait till the millennium to see this take place but then again who would have believed if they’d had heard areas holding big rock concerts for teens 5-10 years ago but with good ideas and the right timing and support it happens. Anyone out there reading this who wants to help/ talk or share ideas just drop a line and we’ll see where this goes.

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