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president21.jpgHave you seen the “Mr. President” video clip from Fool Moon? It is awesome, tightly performed rock music with a real message. I had been waiting for someone to capture the feel and sound for our generation what many were able to pen in the protest music of 60’s – 70’s.

Well it finally arrived.

Sure Madonna, Eminem and others have jumped on the anti Iraq war ban-wagon in their albums of the last few years but they just come off as being politically motivated or giving their audiences what they want to hear. This is anything but pleasing to mans governments and I don’t think any group from any political circle will embrace it and that is a good thing. Apparently they have sent a copy to the White house for Mr. President but I doubt he will ever see it, probably given to security labeled WMD, but the world will know anyway.

This song and accompanying video clips strip it down to the very core and that it is wrong to fight and kill others in wars and to send others to do it, plain and simple. The clips aside (that I think should have concentrated more on real footage from Iraq from news sources then from war films.) the filming of the band is very well done, the presence of violin in hard rock provides a unique musical sound that coupled with raw guitar leads provides a real musical treat with a driving beat that amasses to a full-scale onslaught to both your head and your conscience leaving you forever changed. One thing for sure you will have an opinion one way or another leaving you mad, sad or glad like real music ought to. link (full album review coming soon)

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  1. Neo
    June 14, 2007 at 3:54 pm

    This was a great Music Video. The song was incredibly powerful. I heartily agree with you about adding more real footage instead of movie clips.

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