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Red hot chili peppers

like it hot.jpg

This company is trying to spice things up on the spice/herb isle of this hyper mart.
Wife: I need to go to the woman’s section why don’t you go check out that chainsaw sale dear?
Husband: Well …why don’t we meet right back here …this looks like a good meeting place, you know central and all… I don’t want you to getting lost or something. You know spices are pretty cool too. Did you know that paprika is good for…
Wife: You can’t even eat pepper in your food dear, when did you care about spices? Well ok, meet back here at isle 12…aaaah…1, oh no you’re not Walter! You’re coming with me to the woman’s department.
Husband: Damn, how did she catch on so fast? O well … cool at least there are Fa ads there. I’m good, I’m good!
(Location: Cash & Carry, Croatia)

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