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Loads of Trouble

washing laundry - edit.jpg

This might help inspire kids to wash their own laundry, but maybe even more.

Mother: Johnny! Why are you wearing your robe to breakfast son? Johnny: Oh, mom I’m fresh out of clothes. Mother: I told you yesterday that I was doing a load of light. Johnny: it’s ok, Sally and her friend offered to help me with my laundry. I said they could bring theirs over too. They are coming over after school… you know… to show me how the machine works and stuff… I know you are late for work mom; don’t worry we’ll take care of it.

Mother: Thank you son, such a good boy. I’ll use the extra time to stop over at grandmas; I’ll be back later to cook dinner. There is new Ariel laundry soap in the washroom.

Johnny: Yes I know (thus the inspiration). No mom, thank you. (YES!) (Location: A main road, Croatia)

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