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Rhino on Ice

February 18, 2006 1 comment

jay on ice.jpgToday I had an opportunity to go ice skating with a bunch of friends. It was only the second time in my life to attempt that and I’ve never owned a pair of roller blades, though I’ve roller bladed on occasion before I have not had any practice at all in the last few years. Needless to say I spent most of my time frequenting the sideboards, smiling embarrassingly at onlookers, assuring parents that I was not a threat to their kids well-being on the ice and picking myself up off the floor.

It was fun doing something new despite feeling like a toddler learning to walk and doing so in a public recreation venue. As my motto goes opportunities are limitless and I try to seize them and learn something new even if I look like a fool till I get the hang of it. I just hope it does not take another 10 years till I get another shot at this, untill then the NHL draft will have to wait.

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To each their own

February 1, 2006 2 comments

sex sells what- small.jpg 

The facts are that in marketing sex sells but this firm doesn’t want to appear sexist in any way so they went to all the trouble to accommodate everyone. Thus the ‘for him’ and ‘for her’ ads, isn’t that thoughtful? One thing for sure it is not the clothes that they are selling.
(Location: Cash & Carry parking, Croatia)

Message in a bottle

February 1, 2006 Leave a comment

mineraled water.jpg

I don’t know what there is about having magnesium in bottled water that would instantly bring visions of a naked girl in a whirlpool come to mind. At least now we have something to blame daydreaming on. It’s in the water.
(Location: Shopping parking lot, Croatia)

Red hot chili peppers

February 1, 2006 Leave a comment

like it hot.jpg

This company is trying to spice things up on the spice/herb isle of this hyper mart.
Wife: I need to go to the woman’s section why don’t you go check out that chainsaw sale dear?
Husband: Well …why don’t we meet right back here …this looks like a good meeting place, you know central and all… I don’t want you to getting lost or something. You know spices are pretty cool too. Did you know that paprika is good for…
Wife: You can’t even eat pepper in your food dear, when did you care about spices? Well ok, meet back here at isle 12…aaaah…1, oh no you’re not Walter! You’re coming with me to the woman’s department.
Husband: Damn, how did she catch on so fast? O well … cool at least there are Fa ads there. I’m good, I’m good!
(Location: Cash & Carry, Croatia)

Hold me tightly

February 1, 2006 Leave a comment

sure he can smile- edit.jpg

Sure he can smile about going to work.
Photographer: 1…2…3…CLICK, great job!
Model: You sure it’s right, I can hold my hands like this…you sure my smile was big enough?
Photographer: all good, it’s a wrap.
Model: You really sure? How about lace, we could we try it with lace?
Photographer: it’s ok; I already have like 500 pictures of this shot I think I can find some good shots in there.  
(Location: Shopping parking lot, Czech Republic)

Loads of Trouble

February 1, 2006 Leave a comment

washing laundry - edit.jpg

This might help inspire kids to wash their own laundry, but maybe even more.

Mother: Johnny! Why are you wearing your robe to breakfast son? Johnny: Oh, mom I’m fresh out of clothes. Mother: I told you yesterday that I was doing a load of light. Johnny: it’s ok, Sally and her friend offered to help me with my laundry. I said they could bring theirs over too. They are coming over after school… you know… to show me how the machine works and stuff… I know you are late for work mom; don’t worry we’ll take care of it.

Mother: Thank you son, such a good boy. I’ll use the extra time to stop over at grandmas; I’ll be back later to cook dinner. There is new Ariel laundry soap in the washroom.

Johnny: Yes I know (thus the inspiration). No mom, thank you. (YES!) (Location: A main road, Croatia)

Hear no evil, see no evil

February 1, 2006 2 comments

wife called - edit.jpg

Isn’t it convenient to be able to call from your motel room that you’ll be working late at the office today? Thanks to this great service you can do just that. Just make sure to not have caller recognition on your home phone. (Location: shopping center, Hungary)