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The Longest Yard (Comedy, Remake) 2005

longest y 1_full.jpgThis is a remake of an older film which I’m sure had to be better then this one. The story itself is a great idea and I see how it might have been done under different circumstances. It seems that the producers tried to “add” or make it more relevant to our times and the film dies of “improvements” like super-sized bimbos and gay cheerleaders. Chris Rock does a surprisingly good attempt at a character role and jives well with Sandler though the script is a bit splotchy and jokes predicable at times. The football element is great getting people to play as a team and all and Sandler and Reynolds give good motivational speeches and overcome obstacles in team-building. Sure, there is a good vs. bad moral to draw from it bit it really is not worth the trouble due to the unnecessary language and off-colored sex related humor; it’s really a shame though.

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