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Spanglish (Comedy) 2004

SPANGLISH 200w.jpgThis is a fantastic film. I was pleasantly surprised with the depth and presentation of the film. James Brooks (As Good As It Gets) directs yet another powerful film about very different people that come together and how with a little love and understanding the world can be a better place. I know that sounds metaphoric but it is true, this film proves that love needs no translation. This movie celebrates human life in all its colors and shades in-between. The tests, the tears and the joys are all woven together in humorous way. Adam Sandler is not his usual self in this film and that really showed a deeper side to him and that he can carry a real lead role without playing someone mentally or physiologically damaged (Happy Gilmore, Water Boy, Little Nicky, Big Daddy). It’s shown there is life outside of SNL type gags and second grade humor that he has generally resorted to till now. I think Robin Williams set a good standard in wining Oscars for deeper roles (Good Will Hunting, Where Dreams May Come) despite coming from a similar beginning in acting. This won’t get Adam any hardware but it will get him a second look from critics who had written him off and I have now doubts that if given a good role he could take home an Oscar one day. This movie proved he is capable of portraying more emotions and depth of character, certainly more then he’s shown us in the past.

The whole cast of this film did their roles wonderfully, showing such extremes that made this film such a wholesome joy to watch from the inarguable dad to the eccentric/self-centered mother, the foreign housekeeper and loveable children. It brings in many stories but by the end it is really just about one. It also jumps into deep topics like romantic feelings outside of marriage and is handled and resolved in a surprisingly good manner that is neither vengeful nor Hollywood stereotype. When it’s all over and you’re hungry there is a bonus on the DVD for the recipe of “the world’s greatest sandwich”. That alone is well worth the price of the rental fee but you get a great film as well.

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