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Dave Berry’s Complete Guide to Guys – The Movie

g2g.jpgThis is a hilarious audio-visual rendition of the best bestselling book by the same name. Dave narrates this documentary style film with reenacted “interviews” and Saturday Night Live like skits clearly documenting the behaviors of guys from the Stone Age till today. It is brilliantly woven together and also includes various cameo rolls from the likes of Dan Marino, Dick Vitale and others. The addition of John Cleese as a British expert is a welcome addition to otherwise b-rate acting on the part of the other actors. This is the one film I’d say that the acting doesn’t matter. Even their lacks play well into the roles they portray. It really is just a skit to illustrate a point, nothing more.
Like Dave Berry’s columns and novels you are treated to the same wild ride of gut splitting humor as he describes both the most typical and personal things to life, love, relationships and the bathroom as only he can. He is a genius of his craft while at the same time very personable and self-effacing with his Bermuda shirt, flip-flops and all, clearly a REAL GUY and thus more then knowledgeable to be an ample authority on the subject. It leaves you with no doubt why he is probably the most likeable guy to come form Miami to date.
movie_101604.jpgThere is absolutely no reason EVER for girls to say ‘I just don’t understand you guys’ EVER again. Light entertainment only, but discusses some funny realities to relating to others of the opposite sex and marriage.

You can’t go into it thinking it is a movie to just put your feet up and relax, as it really is not. It takes more thinking and keeping up with his jokes then the average running story of a film. If you already don’t like his style of writing you won’t like this either, you’ll be better off renting something else. 

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